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By examining the behaviour of a person while he experiences the feeling of love, it is explained how a reaction can mean something different from what we receive. The maternal and altruistic love is supported, and the possessive is judged. By beginning from the individual, the explanation of different behaviours in the spectrum of a society is continued. Different mentalities among the different European cultures are mentioned. In conclusion, Greece is mentioned, and the education is used as an example, among multiple ones. By trying to explain objectively some social matters, without supporting any political ideology, some social questions are considered. The individual as member of the society defines the way, in which this society functions and we see how the appearance of a phenomenon in a society hides behind it a "being". In conclusion, we return to the individual and with an optimistic message at the end, it is explained how the opportunity for mental happiness and healthy human relations are actually, within the range of possible of each person as an individual as well as a part of the society.

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Language Greek
Published in 2017
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