Practical Political Philosophy
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A contemporary book of social-political and philosophical content which depicts all the social-political occurances of the modern society. What was it like and what should the human society be like? What do the social political terms: Society, State, Citizen, Member Of Parliament, Democracy etc mean? How do they function and how should they? Is there corruption and degrading and in what form? Does real freedom exist? Does the citizen really function? Where are we heading to and what do we expect with the contemporary social political systems?
Such issues and a lot more are mentioned in the present book, analyzing according to order and mentioning concisely the whole process of man’s evolution with regard to his social political involvement since his socialization.
In this book, the reader will definitely find his own thoughts. The books ambition is to en-force and activate them. Some others, however, may be partially or completely differentiated. Those will provoke comparison, contemplating and redetermining old solidified beliefs. However, all of them, following various routes will tend to questioning and the pursuit of a more ideal society. The reader will definitely recognize a lot of practices which occur in the contemporary international society and others which used to exist in the past. The reader is asked to question themselves and find answers, choosing the most appropriate to his mind.
In an age of political indifference, levelling, selfishness, apolitical behaviour on the part of the smashing majority of the citizens and political arrogance on the part of the supposed politicians, this book aspires to lead to the citizen’s politicized behaviour to the greatest extent. Solutions do exist! All it takes is that we for once shout with all our might: “Yes! I shall save humanity!”. It may sound utopian but it is not at all. Indeed, we sometimes do need to search even in the realms of utopia until we find a truly considerable aim in our life. Provided we do not get captured there.
The present writing does not aspire to offer formulas, solutions and answers. It aims to tempt and provoke reactions. It does not believe in authenticity so you will not find aphorism, regulations or dogmatic principles. Any quote of intellectual people since ancestry, wishes to cause questioning and become a reminder of perpetual pursuit.
The aim of this book is definitely not to develop a complete political system. In some cases, some personal views are presented, some others are adjusted to the already existing political system and some directions or even “visions” appear. But that’s just it.
As the book moves on, the reader will experience constant stirring and enforcement of those which they already have in their reflections. In essence, this book means to push, to empower, to stir and remind everything that already exists within the reader so that they question themselves, meditate and react in accordance with what is demanded. The aim is - to the extent that it can happen - to agitate the stagnant water which causes the stench of the contemporary human society.
Everybody recognises that this stagnation this attitude to downplay crucial issues, the reliance, and the indifference poison our everyday life and do not help us in our further humanization. On the contrary, we are sliding downwards, slowly but steadily to our dehumanization in the familiar way of mithridatism.
Is it about time we reacted, became politically active and asserted the human society we truly deserve?
Is it the right time to demand our rights in an atmosphere of respect, self-respect and inter-respect? Our actions shall prove it!

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Language English
Published in 2016
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