With the release and production of the book, we can post it on Amazon through AKAKIA as the seller.

This way, the book is found in all search engines, gaining an international presence and can be purchased by anyone from anywhere in the world.

For the service of account management, packaging costs, accounting processing and earnings per author for each of the management of the toast and shipping management, the cost is £ 50 per year*.

AKAKIA deposits 100% of its net profits per book from this service to the author.

So after deducting the book production value, some small bank charges, (the shipping cost is paid by the buyer), and the amount Amazon retains, the remaining money is the author's net profit.

The process is transparent, as Amazon sends clearance records that report sales of each book that is always at your disposal.

While books can also be ordered through Amazon for Greece, it is the least good choice because of the added costs of Amazon.

But putting the book in the Amazon e-bookstore is a good choice for international book release.


For a book with the following specifications:

Figure 14x21cm

Pages 200

90g uncoated paper

Black and white interior,

300g cover, multicolor on one side, laminated gloss or matte

and glue binding

One final retail price, assuming that £13 is selected.

The book has a production cost of £2.4

Banking costs are £1.5

Storage and handling £1

Amazon has an algorithm for charging its services, which is applied cumulatively to the shipping cost (shipping cost incurred by the book buyer).

In our example we can estimate that the percentage retained by AMAZON is around 25% on the retail price, ie £3,25.

£13 – 2,4 – 1,5 –1 - 3,25 = £4,85

Therefore, the amount the author will earn in our example of selling the book through Amazon will be £4,85.

It should be noted that the use of AMAZON concerns the sale of the book worldwide. To sell it in Greece, and if you want us to deal with it, you should choose to place it at the AKAKIA Online Bookstore.

As long as you choose to have your book sold through Amazon's online book sale platform, you will need to give us 5 books in stock, getting 5 books less than the original order you made (10 if you have also chosen to make them available through AKAKIA).

At the end of our cooperation, these books will be delivered to you because they have already been paid for by you on your original order.

Please note that AKAKIA will always have a minimum of 5 books in stock in London, which will be constantly updated to cover current orders coming from AMAZON.

Whenever the book is ordered through Amazon, our services in London will immediately ship to any part of the world using the existing stock of 5 books and which will be constantly updated.

The cost of shipping the books is borne by the buyer, as this will be added to the final price of the book displayed on the AMAZON platform.

NOTE: If you choose to sell your printed books via the AMAZON platform in addition to AKAKIA bookshop, there is no additional cost (just the £50 per year for both AKAKIA and AMAZON).

NOTE: If you choose us to manage the distribution of your printed books from the AMAZON platform, the cost for the account management service for the distribution and sale of your e-books, through the platform is FREE!

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