Terms of Use and Agreement

TERMS OF USE & AGREEMENT FOR SERVICES and, are the Website and Online Store of AKAKIA Publishing House or simply stated, AKAKIA. Henceforth and wherever such websites are referred to, they are to be considered an integral part of AKAKIA Publications and not as referring to a second firm. Accordingly, all receipts, invoices, bills of sale and other relevant documents will carry the name of the company, namely, AKAKIA Publications.


The visitor-client-user of the pages and services of AKAKIA Publications, which has exclusive rights to the and Online Store, agrees to the following terms and conditions of use and the following agreements in force for all content, including web pages, graphics, images, photographs, books and in general for all products and files available on its website. If the visitor-client-user does not agree with the following terms and conditions, then the visitor-client-user should not make use of services and content of the AKAKIA Publications website. The visitor-client-user is requested to check the content of the particular pages regularly for possible changes. Using the website even after any changes were made or are about to be made, denotes the unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions by the visitor-client-user.


Under no circumstances, including negligence, is AKAKIA liable for any damage incurred to the visitor-client-user due to the use of the pages, services, options and contents of the website of AKAKIA Publications, use which the user makes of his or her own accord and initiative and in full knowledge of the present terms and conditions. The content of the website is provided "as is" without any warranty expressed or implied in any manner. To the fullest extent, AKAKIA disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, those involving the merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. AKAKIA does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and content provided herein will be uninterrupted, error free or that errors will be corrected. AKAKIA also provides no guarantee that the same or any other related site or servers through which they are made available to the public, will be virus-free or other harmful software. AKAKIA does not offer any warranty concerning the accuracy, completeness or availability of content, web pages, web services, options or of their effects. Any cost incurred for corrections or services is undertaken by the visitor-client-user and under no circumstances by AKAKIA. The visitor-client user of the pages and services of the website of AKAKIA undertakes responsibility for any damage caused to AKAKIA from improper or malicious use of relevant services.


AKAKIA does not control the availability, content, privacy agreement, quality and completeness of other web sites and pages that it may provide links (hyperlinks) to or carry advertising banners thereof. Therefore any problem arising during visiting or use of these sites by the visitor-client-user must be dealt with directly with the relevant web sites and pages, which bear the responsibility for providing their services. AKAKIA should in no way be regarded as endorsing or condoning the contents or services of web sites and pages it provides links to or that it is connected to them in any other way.


Upon completion of purchase of and payment for any product or service available through the website and, the visitor-client-user or the author also accepts the following: AKAKIA bears no responsibility for any theft of personal data or financial data, such as names, phone numbers, credit card numbers etc. as all these services have been relegated to third-party organizations and such processes are handled through the cooperation of these organizations, such as or banking system of the bank concerned. Payments are effected outside of the server hosting AKAKIA Publications and AKAKIA’s website. Visitors are required to verify the reliability of the site they entrust their personal data with and be able to recognize any fraudulent websites that may appear due to inadequate protection of their personal computer. For each online purchase, the customer will receive receipt of payment made by the automatic Paypal system to the stated email address. For any sale transactions effected by means other than the Paypal system, concerning electronic or physical products (books, etc.), AKAKIA will issue electronic or physical proof of payment as appropriate and send it to the customer by email or post. AKAKIA will make any refunds for purchased electronic products, since the customer can not guarantee, and AKAKIA can not be assured of the secure return of the electronic product because of the ease of backup. However, refunds can be made in cases involving the sale of printed books or cancellation of issued contracts, and only within a period of fifteen (15) days from the date of the deposit of each payment. Also, AKAKIA does not refund sums of money that may already have been transferred to third party partners, such as, Print-on-demand printers, banks, Paypal, etc. provided that the said third partners have already processed the order and may thus incur damages to themselves. All copying, reproduction, modification or otherwise commercial use by any means including emailing to third parties, of books, part of books, texts, or passages purchased by AKAKIA, is strictly prohibited without the written permission of AKAKIA Publications and of the author of the particular texts and passages.


By completing and emailing the online Publishing Application form only, or sending any book for publishing at AKAKIA's email address, or just by paying the appropriate amount and sending the required text files or/and cover pictures, the author officially and without reservation declares that he or she holds the copyright to any book, textbook or text that he or she will send to AKAKIA Publications for publication and that he or she transfers the complete, sole and exclusive rights for publishing and selling his or her books to AKAKIA Publications. AKAKIA is not, or cannot be, responsible for the content of books or projects it publishes as it is not always possible for AKAKIA Publishing to have read such books or projects in detail prior to publication, and as a consequence, AKAKIA will in no event be liable for any infringement of rights caused to third parties, or for causing offence to values, countries, states, religions, customs or traditions as a result of such publication. AKAKIA reserves the right to refuse publication of any books or writings of any author, without being obliged to explain or account for such a decision to any party. AKAKIA has absolute freedom to publish the said books or texts in printed or in electronic form, to engage in their commercial promotion and exploitation and in the management of the financial profits accruing from such activities. The policy governing the profits of the author is set out below. As well, the author, by completing and sending the online Publishing Application form, the required text files and cover files, accepts all the conditions stated on this page. AKAKIA does not keep stocks for any writer or of any printed book. AKAKIA may, depending upon the agreement entered with the author, promote and advert books, but this is not part of its conventional obligations. The Author has no right to sell his or her eBooks or Printed Books in any website or in any eBookstore or by whatever other means without written permission from AKAKIA Publications.


AKAKIA cooperates with the UK-based Nielsen ISBN Agency, which enables the immediate issue of unique ISBN for each book individually or sets of books. The titles will be registered in the Agency's database and the National Library of England (National Library). AKAKIA also handles the creation of appropriate Barcodes on printed books published by it to facilitate their acceptance by Amazon websites, for whom this is a prerequisite. Each book, depending on the issue, receives a different and unique ISBN and barcode. For example, a book to be marketed both in electronic and printed forms, shall receive one unique ISBN for each electronic format and another for its printed edition. Because AKAKIA Publications is based in Britain, and London in particular, books published by it must bear the ISBN registered with the UK-based Nielsen ISBN Agency. In other words, if the author has previously received an ISBN from the National Library of Greece or from any other foreign organization, he or she may use such ISBN only in the country of issue (e.g. Greece) and solely for the said title.


All information listed on the site and is intellectual property protected by the provisions of the European copyright law. Such information can be in the form of text, photos, graphics, images, files, programs, and all kinds of material on the servers that host the website and and, regardless of whether these are displayed on the pages of the said website(s) or exist in its hosting provider’s servers. Any kind of copying, reproduction, modification or otherwise commercial exploitation in any manner without the written approval and consent of the author is strictly prohibited. Copying, reproducing, modifying or otherwise commercially exploiting in any manner whichever third party intellectual property (trademarks, photos, texts, books, drawings, graphics, images, files, programs) and any kind of material found on the servers of the hosting provider for the website www.akakia and net, regarless of whether these appear in the pages of the said web site(s) or just exist on the servers of the service provider, is also expressly prohibited. Those wishing to use material appearing on the webpage(s) of and must contact the author of the website (or, in the case of the intellectual property of third parties, the pertinent authors) and request written authorization to do so. The author(s) reserve the right to refuse to grant license to use material protected by the provisions of the Copyright Act, without further justification.


The selling price of each electronic and printed book will be selected by the author during the completion of the said online Publishing Application form, and AKAKIA sets as a minimum selling price the sum of £3 British pounds for each title. AKAKIA will deposit on behalf of every author 70% of only the net profits of sales of electronic books in British Pounds. AKAKIA Publications, in other words, will subtract, the commission (if any) paid to the relevant service (Paypal, Bank Account etc) and / or of the respective retailer vendor (ie. Amazon) that manages the sale online, as well as the transfer fee from AKAKIA’s Paypal Account to another account, in case the author does not maintain a Paypal Account but only a bank Account. AKAKIA recommends to all authors submitting their works for publication to create their own Paypal Account, so that AKAKIA can easily deposit their profits. This will avoid issuing cheques or other time-consuming and costly for the author means of money transfer or deposit of funds. The selling price of printed books would be defined by AKAKIA Publications because it will depend on the cost of production and printing. Profits are assessed for each author by-annually (January to June and July to December), at the end of which period, author’s profits will be deposited. In no case are authors’ profits pre-paid. If there is no demand for a book as a result of its not having been advertised by AKAKIA or by the author, AKAKIA will not compensate or pay any amount to the author and the author in turn, will have no financial claim from AKAKIA. AKAKIA Publications can only monitor sales effected via their own website in real time. As concerns the other sale transactions involving third parties, the records are updated, depending on the cooperating vendor outlet or distributor, either immediately, monthly, every three months or twice a year, at which time the author is advised regarding the total proceeds of his/her profits on the basis of the available data at the time. Settling of accounts by AKAKIA occurs twice a year, at the end of December and end of January, respectively, but transferring the funds may take an extra month or possibly longer. Updating the author(s)’ records on the part of AKAKIA, pertains to the final sum which is transferred to the author(s)’ account as well as to the final number of copies sold, via the website or any other third vendor or distributor. All such pertinent information is available to the author(s) in the event of any out of court settlement or in court litigation.


AKAKIA and the author may withdraw at any time from the publication agreement and as a result, the sale of titles and their appearance in and will immediately cease, provided both parties have settled any financial outstanding debt either of the author to AKAKIA for services already rendered, or of AKAKIA to the author for sales effected, by the time of termination of contract, without any further commitment.


AKAKIA Publications and the website and do not store credit card details and do not share customer details with any 3rd parties.


The websites and collect information from their visitors which is furnished to the said website following consent of its visitors and which is sent in by the visitors themselves. AKAKIA Publications may collect personal data such as NAME, SURNAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL, TELEPHONE, BANK ACCOUNT (FOR AUTHORS ONLY), which are used solely for the communication between AKAKIA Publications and the customers/authors for the provision of AKAKIA services and products. When sending data to and, the sender’s IP address is recorded for safety and security reasons and cannot be traced back to the sender’s identity unless requested by Court or Police authority. The information extracted from the user's IP address is provided by the internet provider (ISP) of the user. The information collected by and is provided by its senders who are solely responsible for its correctness. If personal information (personal data) sent to and is harmful to third parties, the senders of information are legally responsible and under no circumstances, and AKAKIA Publications. In the event of litigation between third parties (sender and the injured party) the sender(s) should compensate both AKAKIA, the author(s) of the website as well as the injured party. and do not send materials to third parties who have not expressed their agreement in writing (via e-mail) to receive such materials. and are in no way to be held responsible for receiving confidential personal data pertaining to third parties and not the sender (i.e. if someone sends personal information about third parties to and In this case the information material sent by AKAKIA shall reach the third party and not the intended recipient. AKAKIA Publications is unable to verify the identity of the person sending information material to AKAKIA, and as a result AKAKIA is not responsible for sending unwanted email or spam to individuals who have not agreed in writing that they wish to receive such material, but whose details have been provided to AKAKIA by third parties. AKAKIA is not responsible if personal information sent to it is illegally intercepted during its transmission or accessed by means of malicious intrusion of third parties (hacking) into the files where personal information sent to the and www. is kept. AKAKIA Publications, and and their owner(s) – creator(s) are not in any way responsible for any transmission of emails to third parties (spam mail) forwarded as a result of malicious acts of third parties hacking into the servers of and or/and or hosting AKAKIA’s emails, without the approval and permission of the author (or authors) of and AKAKIA commits itself not to reveal, publish, share with third parties or in any way use commercially available personal data (which are sent to AKAKIA under the consent of the sender) unless required to do so by the Police or Court authorities. AKAKIA commits itself to immediately remove from its files (electronic or other) personal data sent by a visitor or user of and, without requesting any justification for such a request. AKAKIA also commits itself not to hold any kind of backup file of the data of which the sender has requested removal from AKAKIA’s servers in writing. The and does not collect information on sensitive personal data such as medical history, outstanding military service and all kinds of confidential personal data protected by the Confidentiality Act.


AKAKIA Publications keeps your personal information safe and protected. We want our services to be safe and enjoyable for all. This web-page will help you to understand what information we might collect and how we use it. When someone visits this web site, we collect some standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of the site. We collect this information in a way which does not identify anyone. We do not make any attempt to find out the identities of those visiting our websites. We will not associate any data gathered from this site with any personally identifying information from any source. We will make it clear when we collect personal information and will explain what we intend to do with it. For example, it is necessary to provide some typical information when you place an order otherwise you'll not be able to obtain services, to make payments, to receive invoices e.t.c. In case we keep some personal information of you, if you are a customer for example, you have full access to and the right to change or delete your data. For security reasons, we receive alerts for any account changes. We do not keep any information of old customers after their account deletion. Furthermore we do not keep the customer's accounts active, if they have not active services any more. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site. Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit or


The aforementioned terms, agreements and conditions of use of the websites of AKAKIA and, as well as the conditions or instructions that are included in any part of the present website and any modification or alteration thereof, shall be governed and complemented by British law, Greek law, European Union law and the pertinent international conventions. Whichever provision of the aforementioned terms and conditions contravenes the law in any manner, ceases to apply automatically and is removed from the present website, without in any way affecting the remaining terms and conditions. This constitutes the entire agreement between AKAKIA and the visitor-client-user (including every author) describing its pages and services, and it is binding only for those two parties. No modification of these terms shall be taken into account and become part of this agreement, unless expressed in writing and incorporated in it. For any difference or variance that might arise the British courts shall have the jurisdiction to resolve any dispute between us. 



Please note that AKAKIA Publications does not collect nor save your card details in any way. The customer’s card is used solely for the purpose of payment for the purchase of goods from the website of and is charged only with the specific amount accruing from the specific transaction / order, while its details are not saved. This means that each time you will be making use of your card to purchase goods from, you will have to re-enter your card details.

Couriers: Deliveries of goods ordered from us is done via cooperating courier services. For this purpose, AKAKIA Publications will forward your personal details, such as first name, last name and delivery address to the cooperating courier service so that your order can be executed.


All goods will be delivered to the delivery address you have designated in your order form and in accordance with the delivery times as per area. The delivery times referred to are only indicative and are based on information supplied by the courier. AKAKIA Publications is not responsible for any charge or alteration of those delivery times or for cases of delay in delivery due to the courier or to force majeure. AKAKIA Publications reserves the right to readjust the stated delivery charges without warning, but it is bound to charge the stated amount at the time of ordering.

There can be no commitment on the part of the sender for delivery of goods at a specific time of day.

The cash-on-delivery option applies only to orders within Greece. The cash-on-delivery option does not apply in the case of Cyprus.

In cases that the weight of the order or the size of the package exceed the permissible limits, we reserve the right to divide the order into smaller packages. Upon delivery you are responsible for checking the items of your order. In case you come across any damage in the packaging of your order, you must notify us immediately via email at: You are also expected to send us further details regarding the damage within twenty-four (24) hours from the date of delivery at: Unless this condition is fulfilled, AKAKIA Publications will assume no responsibility for the said damage.

In case of your refusal or inability to accept delivery of an item, we reserve the right to take legal measures to compensate for the damages incurred to us.

In case goods are returned to AKAKIA Publications due to faulty or incomplete address details, postal charges are not refunded. If further additional postage and handling charges are required, AKAKIA Publications may at its discretion apply additional charges to the stated postage and handling charges.

Goods are dispatched on behalf of the customer. Until the full payment of the stated charge, all goods remain the property of AKAKIA Publications.


Display and reading of ebooks takes place exclusively on the personal computer or any other electronic reading device of the user. Reproduction of more than one digital copies per item received by the user as well as the dissemination of the copy or part thereof in any manner to third parties is forbidden, regardless of whether such dissemination was made free of charge or not.

Copyright of the content and of whatever digital material exists in the ebooks rests solely with their authors and publishers. In case the content of some ebook is altered by its author, AKAKIA Publications may update the user to that effect provided it has received such an update from the author. Under no circumstance does this possibility give the right to the end user to claim refund of the price paid.

AKAKIA Publications bears no responsibility for any malfunction that may occur on the personal computer or the electronic reading device of the end user, either as a result of wrong handling of the offered product or of malfunctions that may be due to the digitized document of the ebook received by the end user.

No change, cancellation or return of any eBook or Audiobook can be accepted.

The invoice for the purchase of eBooks is sent in digital form to the email address designated by the end user in his/her order form.


If for reasons of force majeure (i.e., industrial actions, weather conditions) we are unable to complete your order at the designated delivery time, we will contact you to ask you whether you would like us to proceed with your order under the new circumstances and new time of delivery.


In returning goods to AKAKIA Publications by the customer, please note that such return will only be accepted on condition that the product is at its original state. A necessary condition prior to the return of any product to AKAKIA Publications from the customer is his/her emailing AKAKIA Publications at within a period of fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery, explaining the reasons for the return of the product. Return charges are in this case paid by the customer, while returns of items from your home address are charged £5.00.

In case the item you received was faulty or damaged, you may return it to us within a period of seven (7) days so that it can be replaced with a new one. Return charges in this case are paid by AKAKIA Publications.


Cancellation of an order can be done only if the order has not entered the delivery stage. Upon confirmation of your order, you will receive a confirmation email. At this stage you can cancel your order by email You will also receive an email when your order has been payed and dispatched and can no longer be changed as well as upon completion of payment whereby you will receive an invoice by email.


In case of refunds, the amount to be refunded will be paid in the same manner the order was paid for in the first place. Refunds by AKAKIA Publications take place within fifteen (15) days from the date of delivery or fifteen (15) days from the date of confirmation of the cancellation of the order.


Credit/Debit/Pre-paid card

Please note that AKAKIA does not collect nor save your card details in any way. The customer card is used solely for the purpose of paying for the purchase of products from the website and is charged only with the specific amount accruing from the specific transaction / order, while its details are not saved.

In case there is the slightest doubt or suspicion of foul play with your credit or debit card or any other illegal activity on your part, AKAKIA Publications reserves the right to cancel the transaction. In case that the said illegal activity may incur any form of damages (or moral or moral nature), AKAKIA Publications reserves every legal right to protect its rights.

Direct deposit via online banking

Payment of your order to the designated AKAKIA Bank Account via on-line Banking must be completed within three (3) days from the date you filled your order form. If the three-day period is exceeded, the order will be cancelled and AKAKIA will not process it. In case of money order, all surcharges applying to the said money order will be covered by the sender (customer) and the net amount for the order must be deposited at the AKAKIA Publications Bank Account.

Cash on delivery

The cash-on-delivery option applies only for cash transactions. This option applies only for orders within Greece. To use this option, your total order must not exceed three hundred euros (€300). For orders in Cyprus, the cash-on-delivery option does not apply.


AKAKIA Publications may at times offer discount coupons for promotional and marketing purposes. The discount coupons cannot be redeemed in combination with any other offer. Only one discount coupon can be used in each order. Discount coupons cannot be exchanged for money and are redeemable for only the specified period of time.