This service requires that you hand over the final text of your book corrected in word format.

( In case you only have handwriting pages, we have the option of typing the text, even in Greek polytonic, at a cost that we should discuss).

If you have the book in print but you do not have its electronic files, we can either reproduce it or edit it with character recognition, services for which we will have to discuss the cost of it separately.

Once you have decided on the size of the book, we will arrange the book. (If you decide to resubmit the text after paging, the cost of this service will be re-charged).

The cost of this service applies to plain black and white text without photos, tables or references, any other peculiarity in its structure.

This pages’ total is considered to be the final pages of the book with the order to print.

Pagination cost (regardless of page size) £ 0.8 / page.

In the case of text corrections in the final paged form, the added cost is always the same (in any of the pages there is interference): £0,25 / page.

The final .pdf file of this service will be sent to you electronically and owned by you.


Number of Words Pages 14x20 Pages 17x24 Pages 21x27
20,000 80 55 40
40,000 160 110 80
80,000 320 220 160
120,000 480 330 240
150,000 600 410 300

The letter character we use in all our calculations is 11 '

* The number is indicative of the predicted pages.

** The number in the final layout can be changed.

You will need to tell us how many words your work has in the Word.doc file (listed at the bottom left of the application on screen), and we will automatically calculate the number of pages in the final paged form of the book in the ordering process at its selected dimensions.

However, the number will be indicative of the predicted pages and may change slightly when the book has its final paged form.

If you have a book for which you already have the final .pdf files to print, there will be no paging fee.

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