Every book that is released, must be promoted to get its presence known to the world.

The author should work diligently and persistently to promote their book.

AKAKIA can come in and offer various solutions and suggestions for actions that may result in increased sales of the author's book.

Specifically, there are the following solutions that can provide additional promotion for the book and increase the chances of its circulation.

Printed Forms:

If you wish, we can design with our graphic designers and print various promotional brochures inhouse.

  • Bookmarks,
  • Card Postal,
  • Posters
  • flyers etc

For each layout for these forms, the cost is £50.

Indicative for print production e.g. bookmarks and their placement in each book, for 200 pieces of 5x20cm, printed in colour on one side, and laminated on both sides, costs £50.

The type and use of the promotional material, and the corresponding price, will be explained in our communication.

Facebook Campaign

A campaign on Facebook that targets specific groups of people interested in books, novels, new releases, etc. Facebook Campaign has three different choices regarding the length of time campaigns are active, namely 7, 14 or 30 days, and can attract potential visitors to the book page.

The campaign is done via the Facebook page of AKAKIA

  • Facebook Campaign - 7 Days [+ £ 130.00]
  • Facebook Campaign - 14 Days [+ £ 240.00]
  • Facebook Campaign - 30 Days [+ £ 400.00]

Video spot

The creation of a video spot presenting the book and posting it on the AKAKIA Publications channel on Youtube.

If you choose this combined with a Facebook Campaign, the campaign will be based on the video, a combination that is always much more likely to reach prospective readers.

This service costs £250.00

Video interviews

We will conduct a 5 minute video interview with the author, and post it on AKAKIA's YouTube channel. This service is available for Attica, Greece and London, United Kingdom areas.

This service costs £350.

Landing page

Creating a website for the author, whose purpose will be to give all the information about the author and their books with links from which they can buy them.

This service costs £500

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