The cover is a very important factor in publishing a book. It should have a professional look, it should challenge the reader to buy it, and it should convey the message of the book's content in an aesthetically and technically sound manner.
There are three options for this service to choose from:
A) Customizing and Checking the file you send us, costs you £50.
B) The basic construction costs £150, which uses pre-prepared graphic designs..
C) The deluxe, costing £350, in which we use an image obtained from an image bank, is the result of original graphic work. It means that the book will be read to select the most appropriate visual approach that expresses its content. There will be two drafts, which will be discussed and finalized with the author. The result will be a cover that stands out and certainly for someone who will see it, will multiply the chances of buying it, arousing interest.
If you select option (A), and send us your own cover, it should be made by a graphic designer in a 300 DPI Photoshop (PSD) file. It should be greater than desired by 0.32cm on each side (right on front, left on rear, and up and down on front, rear and back), e.g. 14.32cm x 21.64cm if this is a book to be issued at 14cm x 21cm. The front and rear leaves (letters, titles) should also be aligned on the printable part (eg 14cm x 21cm). The backbone will be created by you after the page is done and we will send you the exact number of pages, since its width will be the number of pages per 0.00572008cm. Also on the back cover you should leave a blank 5.93cm (height) x 4.06cm (width) to which the book barcode will be added. Each element (letters, images) must be in a different layer. Finally, you should have the copyrights for each image you can use and send us the font you have used. 
Any file that does not meet these specifications will not be accepted and you will be charged for the cover art.

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