We are at the stage we are looking forward to, to make your wish come true, publish your book!
There is nothing more satisfying than holding in your hands a beautiful volume, your own book, your name, and your ideas ready to become the property of the readers around the world. And, in a way, to "write" history, since this edition will forever be a reference point in all databases of published books. Especially, when the time comes to present it to your family, friends and acquaintances, colleagues, critics.
Other than the joy of your creation becoming a reality, a path will open up to you, for the financial gain from its sale. After all, this is always an obvious goal.
For all this, AKAKIA is here!
The value of the book depends on many factors, such as the shape, type of paper, whether it is black and white, color, book-binding, etc.
Since there are a number of parameters that affect it, you should contact us by filling in and sending the form of interest here to send you the corresponding offer immediately.
For authors, whether it is for their own use or any other form of personal distribution of their books, the prices we offer for printing books are excellent.
This is because AKAKIA has its own printing facilities and can transfer part of the production costs in favor of the author since there is no intermediary.
For each book produced and posted by AKAKIA, the author purchases at least 30 copies for personal use and own distribution (of which, some remain in stock in the warehouses of Akakia, 5 in Athens and 5 in London for immediate delivery of stock orders, which AKAKIA then replenishes).


A book with the following specifications:
Figure 14x21cm
Pages no: 200
90g uncoated paper, black and white interior,
300g cover, multicolor on one side, laminated gloss or matte, and glue binding.
the book price for the author will be £2.4 per copy (for a minimum of 30 copies).
For the above example, the printing cost for 30 books will be £72.
If you order more than 100 books as a book publisher, the unit price is reduced by 5%.
If the amount requested by the author for personal use and distribution is more than 500 copies, the unit price will be further reduced by 10%.
The shipping cost depends on the weight of the book, and if there is a number of 20 or more, it drops significantly as a unit cost.
Additional Features:
Due to the high-level digital technology we use, we are able to produce books in special personalized editions, e.g. if a sponsor wants to put their logo on and finance their production, or if the books are going to be presenting at a commemorative event and you need to add a little text etc. A number of books can be produced for the author's own personal use with some special off-line text (in addition to the cost of producing the books), for an additional lump sum of £50 on the production value of the regular book.

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