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Mary Makra was born in Kamaria of Istiaia, Greece, and brought up in Chalkida of Evia, Greece. Her writing activity showed her the way to journalism. For a number of years she was cooperating with daily press and periodicals as an article writer, and as a reporter conducting research on social issues; she was also responsible for book presentations.
She was deeply interested in research on Alternative Healing, and she was trained on methods of Therapy (Shiatsu, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies) and systems of Self Knowledge and Psychotherapy, by attending training programs and seminars on Drama Therapy, Systemic and Cognitive Psychotherapy, Psychology of Old Age.
Today, she is a teacher of Reiki and a writer. She is teaching Self Knowledge with her personal method which is the fruit of long term study and research in the areas of mythology, therapeutics, internal development and philosophy. This method has been published in a book under the title “Know your Soul through the Greek Archetypes”.
Other books of hers that have been published are: The Opposite and the Cyclamens”, a fable of self knowledge, “Unknown words of life”, a novel, “Inouat - The Archetypes of Eskimoes”, a method of self knowledge through archetypes. “He”, a novel of internal literature and a guide to self knowledge (especially for women since it deals with the dependence of the woman on man).

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