Garoufali, Maria

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Maria Garoufali, journalist and author, was born in Athens. She was initiated in journalism at an early age. She became newscaster, one of the two first women to read news at the second news channel of Greece, at the age of 19, and as magazine Vogue wrote, she was the only one to wear spectacles in the international milieu of news reading.  Maria worked for some famous Greek magazines and she pioneered for her work at newspaper ELEFTHEROTYPIA having received, at the age of 28, the top journalistic award BOTSIS. She has also been honored with two top journalistic awards, one around USA for six  months based in Minnesota, from the WORLD PRESS INSTITUTE, and one around Europe for 8 months based in Paris, from the institute JOURNALISTS IN EUROPE. She has also worked as public relations consultant for some companies, including the famous Internationally Greek wine estate Hadzimihalis. As a stringer, a producer for Greek stories, she has worked for the american TV network NBC. Maria Garoufali, is also a painter and sculptor. She has published 4 books, poems and novel, and is now entering the international art and publishing business through publications with AKAKIA. She has a degree from the University of Minnesota, in Political Science and in Sociology of Law, Criminology and Deviance. She is fluent in English and Danish and speaks French as well.