Vassos, Ioannis E.M.

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HELLENE my name, HELLENE my surname as well, the holy full name granted by my fatherland. IOANNIS E.M.VASSOS, the full name granted to me by my honourable parents to venerate! Born in Houthalen, Belgium, on 21-11-1963 begotten from HELLENES parents, migrants, I came back to Greece before the completion of the third year of my age. Macedonian in Origin, from Descates Grevenon, I worshipped my dreams, wishing to serve the ideals of my ancient ancestors! The sixteen rayed sun of the Macedonians embroidered my soul, the ACROPOLIS unique in grandeur TEMPLE honours with its splendor my vision, the Greek language, guardian and a talisman, in this synthesis of my triune philosophical being! The priest discovers a religion to serve whereas the poet moulds a religion, the DREAM! When the universal silence, is willfully mute, in courtesy, the Greek language, a TEMPLE incarnated in words, will deliver its priests, the WORDS, to tutor us in her knowledge! 

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