Nomikos, Giorgis

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Giorgis Nomikos is a graduate of the Agronomy School of the Technological Institute of Crete and has also received training in script writing by the Union of Greek Scriptwriters. His interests regarding his chosen study specialisation are related to ecology and nature. He is particularly attracted to insects which he used to fearlessly catch and observe since his early years. It is worth noting that he also organised a small seminar on the subject of “controlling insect behaviour in relation to the light spectrum” in the School amphitheatre.

“Floufla, the Rebellious Pig” is his first story addressed to both the young and the grown-ups drawing his inspiration for it during his entomology lessons. He completed it a few years later, when he came cross it as it was buried in some drawer, and it represents his first attempt at story-writing. It is an allegorical and also humorous story.

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