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George N. Tsoudis is a Greek citizen, born on the 1st of July, 1959, on the island of Cephalonia that is located in the Ionian Sea. His family moved to Athens In 1965, in order to provide a better life and education for him and his brother. He received his early education at public schools in a northern suburb of Athens. After graduating from high school, he decided to follow his island’s tradition and get involved with the sea. He enrolled in the most famous at that time Greek school for maritime studies, where he studied shipping. Upon graduation, he received also the State Degree for Specialization in the Shipping Sector, and then moved to London in order to complete his studies in shipping at an independent college for further education, the "London school of Foreign Trade".
Professionally, he started out as a competitive broker in late 1983 and has since been employed in shipping agencies (ship-owners and charterers) working as a contractor but mainly as a "home-broker", while he has also been involved in operations and claim departments for all type/size of dry cargo ships. He has worked for many years in the dry cargo shipping industry, having reached the level of operations and chartering manager. Seeing that the new blood coming in to work as brokers may need his knowledge in starting their careers, as well as to also to assist his colleagues in certain specific areas, he decided to publish his first book containing all the experience gained during the performance of his duties in the various departments of shipping agencies.
He now lives in one of Athens’ southern suburbs with his lovely wife, enjoying life with his family and spending time with his first grandchild, Taxiarchis.

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