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Florina Alexandropoulou was born in" Maz Benzeperk" Germany, from greek immigrants parents, their origins come from kranea Elassona, family Lykostrati. Ms Alexandropoulou has spent her adolescent years in kassandria Chalkidiki, where she finished her secondary school, she received her High school diploma in Thessaloniki where she served as an athlete. In 1995 she graduated from Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki as a Physical Education Teacher. She was employed for several years in various local government athletic organisations,in municipal and private centres, she worked in programs for the General Sports Secreteriat,the national team and the greek police officers school as an instructor. The last fourteen years, since 2002, she has been permanently working in the Higher Technical Education Institute of Piraeus. Ms Alexandropoulou was a rowing athlete with nation wide distinction in the nautical club of Thessaloniki and is currently a coach of Olympiakos Piraeus in the respective sport. She is married to former international athlete in basketball of Olympiakos Piraeus and have two children, George and Kelly Papadaki.
Although since her youth she had a strong attraction towards writing,she never pursued it, until her father suddenly passed away. She then felt the change, the loss, the fear! Overwhelmed with this emotional load she wrote her first book in six months.
Writing gives her peace in mind and clearness and she wants to share everything she feels, she thinks and say.
"White Butterfly" is her first book, the specific novel is completed in two books. The original title of the book "Carte Blanche" is renamed "White Butterfly" to have a uniform continuity with the title of the book "Black butterfly" which follows.

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