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Elias Margiolas was born in 1946 at Adami of Nafpion. After a serious accident that resulted in his total loss of vision, he settled permanently in Athens to continue with his education which he completed by graduating from his from the Law School of Athens and the Panteion University of Athens. He was married in 1969 and had two daughters. He worked for 22 years at Greek Telecom (OTE) while he was actively involved in the organization and promotion of the cause of the invalid movement in Greece and he gained valuable experience and substantive social sensitivity for social issues as a result of his incumbency of various important posts. Since the 1970s, he has been involved in literature with which he maintains a deep heart-felt relationship but not any professional commitment. He took part in national-level literary contests where he was awarded prizes and distinctions. In 1978, he received a distinction from the Ministry of Culture for his participation in the annual national theatrical contest. During the same time, 2 LPs were produced based on his poems and music by Kostas Kosmides. In 1985, he published his 1st collection of short stories titled ‘The Boy and the Bell’, by DRYMOS Publishing, and in 1996 his first collection of poems ‘Melee Weapons and Projectiles’ by DODONI Publications, for which he also received the first prize for first-appearing poet by the Academy of Athens. In 2006, he published his second collection of poems titled ‘of the Small Bear’ in Greek and Italian with the support of the Greek-Italian Chamber. In 2013, he published his recent collection of poems titled ‘On the Arc of Light and Silence’ by GOVOSTIS Publications. A number of his short stories and poems have occasionally been published in several magazines that had not been already published in the above-mentioned collections of poems.

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