Stamatiou, Eleni N.

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Architect-Engineer NTUA, MSc Regional Development, Dr. in Town & Spatial Planning (PHD, PPHD). Completed her studies with Scholarships of the Greek State (IKY). Professional Experience (since 1989), Scientific, Teaching and Research Experience (since 1997) from overseas and in Greece (Assoc Professor at the University of Thessaly, Professor-Consultant at the Hellenic Open University / Post Graduate program, National School of Public Administration, etc.), Vice President of the Greek Regionalists Association(ΣΕΠ) (2006-2008). She has lectured at several Greek Universities (National Technical University of Athens, Harokopeio University, National School of Public Administration, etc.) and was invited to speak in several overseas Universities (in France, Russia, U.K. and USA) has been and continues to oversea Masters and Doctors degrees in addition to being a member of the professors exams committee (National School of Public Administration, Hellenic Open University, etc.). Teaching (theory & labs) as part of the ERASMUS programme in English and French languages and multi-year experience in distance learning education. She has taught numbers of training seminars to adults with a degree, for higher company and Ministerial executives etc. She has overseen and published several books and published articles in Greek, English, Russian and French. Member of the Editorial Board of scientific publications and journals. Participation and co-authorship in the creation of university graduate study programs. Member of Greek, French, European and International Associations (UIA, SFA, ECTP, ERSA, etc.). Fundamental and instrumental active participation in International scientific committees in Europe and the USA (INRECON, ENVIRON, etc.). Member of Scientific organizations and representative for Greece in International forums and programs (with the Russian Research Institute of Land Planning, The Russian Academy of Social Sciences, etc.). Co-editor, session-chief, reviewer and plenary speaker in International conferences. National Representative for Greece of ΣΑΔΑΣ (Association of Greek Architects) at the European Council of Architects (ACE) / ‘‘Urban issues’’. Participation as principal member of scientific organizations and committees (Evaluation of European town-planning awards ECTP, etc.). Member of work groups, Member of the Permanent Arbitration Committee and Domain Expert of the Technical Chamber of Greece (ΤΕΕ). Her Scientific and professional Interests concern subjects of architecture, spatial and regional planning and related legislation, regional development, environmental management, cultural and built environment, sustainable development, etc., these principles she applied and promoted successfully throughout her professional career through her many held managerial positions (as member of the board, senior scientist, etc.). She is married to the IT Consultant / International Researcher Dr Richard-Nicolas Lacroix and they have two sons. Her CV has been included as part of the recent publication of Hubner’s ‘‘Who is Who’’ in Greece (2012).

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