4th Battle of the Titans: Clash between the Supernatural and the Natural II (The Ascent of the Natural)
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The Crystals Series is a storyline in the form of a novel which starts from the very beginning of the creation of the Universe, traverses the whole human civilization, reaches the present and continues into the future, summarily following the evolutionary course of human civilization.
In the first part of the Clash between the Supernatural – Natural, we followed the evolutionary path of life from 50 million years ago to 200 thousand years ago, we witnessed the first battles between the Supernatural and the Natural, the creation of the Balkan Peninsula, the domination of the mammals, but we followed the separate phylogenetic tree of humankind. A summary reference was made to the educational/training system necessary for the development of sentient beings at the three spiritual levels, the ten -faces-, the three consciences, the four paths and the five plagues that directly and indirectly impact on their lives.
In the second part of the Clash between the Supernatural – Natural, 200 to 100 thousand years ago, we witness the slow-paced developmental modification of the Homo sapiens-sapiens, during which, life begins to acquire full self-knowledge. The final trial and oath-taking of Zeus as the Warrior of the Light take place as well as his efforts to take responsibility for reinstating the Natural Forces. Clashes of epic proportions, battles of the Titans and dwells between the Titans and the Olympians dominate the scene.
In the 4th Battle of the Titans, we are witnessing the turning point of nature to the logical, the incarnation of nature with life and its rationalization by Homo sapiens-sapiens. It is the sentient being through which the universe is trying to acquire self-knowledge and self-realization. So, on the one hand, we are witnessing the undiscernible and insurmountable difficulties through which the White Crystal will eventually reach Mount Olympus in the hands of Zeus, and on the other, the easiness with which the Black Crystal will reach Othrys in the hands of Cronos. We are witnessing in fact, the conflict between the rational and the irrational and the transition of man to the logical. Man has fought hard during this transition. His mind was aflame for a series of thousands of years in his effort to address his difficult and inscrutable questions. At the end, he came out victorious, he moved on, but it was a futile victory, since he got carried away into metaphysical and supernatural escape routes. So, the metaphysical and illogical remains latent in his everyday reality and in every one of his thoughts, and emerges in every difficulty. Such titanic battles were fought inside the human mind.

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