3rd Battle of the Titans: Clash between the Supernatural and the Natural I (Homo sapiens)
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The series "Crystal" starts from the beginning of the creation of the universe and permeates the entire human culture. It then reaches the present and will continue into the future, briefly following the evolution of human civilization.
In the first book 'First Battle of the Titans: Vacuum-Otherworldly conflict"(13.85 to 5 billion years ago) we witnessed the beginning of the fictional series "Crystal", which started in a Greek provincial town. In this town an object with transcendent abilities was discovered. Studies on this object have shown great results and with this very object a cosmic journey began. In this cosmic journey we traveled back in time and witnessed the creation of the universe.
In the second book "Second Battle of the Titans: Worldly-Supernatural conflict" (5 billion to 50 million years ago) we watched through the cosmic journey of Titanic forces contributing to the creation of our galaxy, our solar system, the creation and manufacturing of planet Earth, the emer-gence of life on Earth and its evolutionary path. Additionally, we also watched the clash of the Ti-tans' forces led by Saturn with otherworldly forces under the command of Heaven.
In the third and fourth book, "Third battle of the Titans: Supernatural-Natural" Conflict (50 million years to 100,000 years ago) the Olympian gods dominate, led by Zeus. The evolution of life occurring on planet Earth, the dominance of mammals and human phylogenetic branch are present-ed in the form of epic duels and fights. The evolution of man arrives until Homo sapiens. Particular emphasis is given to the "human" and the evolutionary steps of humanization, from the primates to hominids (Hominoidea), then to the Australopithecines and then onto the "Homo".
Continuing this magical journey through myth, metaphors, real events and real scientific knowledge, in the next books the reader will explore the universal culture from the creation of the universe until today.

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