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Criton Tomazos, of Greek Cypriot origin, had a varied, multi-faceted career, combining creative writing, i.e. poetry, playwriting, short stories, essays, art and theatre criticism, visual art, architecture and theatre generally. He studied architecture at the Polytechnic, Regent Street, (now Westminster University), London [1957-1964]. Worked on hospital and school projects, housing and public buildings, notably the Hayward Gallery and the National Theatre. In the 1960s he became involved with London avant-garde groups, the Writers Forum, Group H & Arts Together. He co-founded the Environmental Forum in 1970 and Prometheus Theatre in 1982. He produced and edited the Environmental Forum Magazine, ‘Ta Kathysterymena’ and ‘Amaranth’ – hand produced publications. He was elected on the Delegates Committee of the Theatre Writers Union several times (1977-1984) and was on the Management Committee of the New Playwrights Trust. He is founder/director of Theatre for Mankind, non-profit, voluntary, independent theatre organisation, since 1985. (
He has written poetry, prose, plays, short stories and essays and has worked extensively as a journalist, art and theatre critic. He presented books by Greek and Cypriot authors, in programmes by London Greek Radio and has given interviews, presenting his own writing and poetry at the Hellenic TV, London and LGR. He edited the Letters and Arts page for the London community newspaper ‘Parikiaki’ for two years.
His poems appeared in magazines, newspapers or journals, as well as some anthologies, in the UK, Cyprus and India. He won first prizes in two international youth festival competitions in Cyprus (1983) and a prize in an international literary competition in Korea.
Collections of his poems in Greek and English were distributed in limited editions, including: ‘Monologue of the Ancient Hero’ (Greek), ‘Poems 1960-61’ (English), ‘Diaphaneies’ (‘Transparencies’ – prize winning) (Greek), ‘Boundaries of Memory’ (Greek), ‘The Visit’ (Greek), ‘He who left his fingerprints’ (Greek), ‘Factory Back Yard’ (English), ‘Letter to the Returning Astronaut’ (Greek), ‘The Story of Water and Night March’ (Greek), ‘Now’ (Greek) and ‘First Explorations’ (English). Some of his essays in Greek or English appeared in the London bilingual community press, in the philosophical publication ‘Zeno’, the ‘Cyprus Pen’ and in ‘Cyprus Today’ (Official Cyprus Ministry of Culture publication) as well as ‘The Greek Review’ in London.
He received two scholarships to study Advanced Theatre Design (Croydon College of Fine Art and Technology) and Advanced Scriptwriting for TV and Film (London Academy of TV/Film). He is the recipient of three honorary doctorates in Fine Art, Environmental Architecture (Cultural Doctorate) and Human Relations. He received the Gold Record of Achievement from the ABI (1994). References and bio-data are included in many international biographical volumes, directories and encyclopaedias.
He had many solo and participated in several group art exhibitions, in the first International Art Biennale of Malta (1995) and the 6th and 8th International Art Biennale of Florence (2007, 2011).
His visual artwork encompasses several media, i.e. acrylics, oils, watercolour, pastels, pencil, ink/pen, conté crayon and found objects, to create collage and photomontage, assemblage and conceptual work.

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