Moraitellis, Apostolos

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Apostolos Moraitellis was born and raised in Athens, Greece.


He is a sprortsman, a tireless cyclist. He studied Business Administration with emphasis in IT and Marketing Management. Guided by his love for people and nature he joined the scouts community when he is 6 years old until he was 22 years old where he was taught self-determination and solidarity. He is a naturalist and since his very young age he loves to write and write and continues till now...

His book, "7 Letters", which is his first one, is the answer to the signs of the times. By writing the "7 letters" wishes to recommend love and dedicate an hymn to a woman throughout the labyrinthine human relationships.
He wishes that all the readers of the "7 letters" to enjoy and visualize their love stories while reading his book and to believe in dreams and miracles...

You can meet the writer of "7 letters" on facebook and on twitter.

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