By Thomas Patrick Hughes Original 1st edition re-print (1885) - PAPERBACK
Language: English




This is a dictionary of Islamic terms and their English translations with in-depth explanation of the terms. In the 760 pages of the book (20 x 26 cm), there are thousands of terms, which Hughes described in English, decorated with a lot of illustrations. Hughes was an Anglican missionary and deacon of the Church of England, was sent to Peshawar (today Pakistan), then “Afghan borders” area, under British colonial authority. He lived there with his family for over twenty years. During this time he learnt the local dialects (Pashto) and he adopted the manners of the locals (mostly Afghans) to be more easily accepted.

The increased interest and attention now given to the study of comparative religion, especially Christianity and Islam, give us the opportunity to present this re-print of the original 1st edition at 1885, with illustrations and Arabic words as there were at the time.

This book is a re-print of the 1st edition and it is the original work photographed as it was, with all the imperfections and difficulties a book of its age can present. Our aim is the preservation of these fine examples of creative human thinking in print.

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