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A love story just like thousands of others. A life that does not go hand in hand with the diaries or abides by human law. It is an unending miracle in a world that does not seek its God. It is an ode to the woman. The very reason life puts up with pain.

Life chose them both. It offered the moments. An alternation that drains the protagonists’ energies. Those people, the mortal machines fighting against the enemy time. People immersed in love. They struggle to live the time, they hold on to it. In a relationship that they did not ask for. A relationship that developed into a cruel test of their limits in each of their encounters. A love inscribed on its letters.

"Living the passion that I had never experienced before, I carry your thought at every single one of my moments. Together everywhere, your are the time on which every one of my days unfolds. At a time that hope fades and joy is more precious than gold itself, I, a runaway convict, with my soul revived by my ardour to exist with you, I live my holy moment, bound to scribbling a story that is threatened by human censorship".

Travellers of life. Its pilgrims. They are runaways from time. In their own era, they build their nest, they embrace and fill a chest with memories. Emanating a scent that transcends time.

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Language Greek
Published in 2013
ISBN (.pdf) 978-1-909550-72-8
ISBN (.epub) 978-1-909550-73-5
ISBN (.mobi) 978-1-909550-74-2
ISBN Printed 978-1-909884-54-0
Number of Pages 202
Printed Book Size (cm) 14x21
Cover Paperback