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Can a simple certificate of previous work in the theatre bring back the smile of an unfortunate, insignificant, forgotten woman? Can Zoe find her true self again, groping only her memory and a few faded clues? Or must she perhaps return to the past and piece together more accurately and convincingly the events and her own fate? What is needed is a reconstruction in a real theatre.

"CERTIFICATE OF AN INSIGNIFICANT WOMAN" is a play written in Greek by Criton Tomazos. It takes place in a fictitious country. The country is non-existent and any resemblances with any existing country are completely accidental. It could apply for almost any country in the world. The play revolves around the agonizing efforts of a little known, aging actress to obtain a certificate for her past work in the theatre, so that she can find employment as an actress again. Pleading her case to the director of the national theatre of the unnamed country, she reveals details of her past life and relationships which unfold into a complex play within a play, involving secondary plots and intrigues, which escalate to the highest levels of the cultural and governmental elite and unravel disturbing incidents in the process. This is a full-length stage play, including many characters, scenes and different locations. It was originally written in 1983/84 and has not been performed or previously published.

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Language Greek
Published in 2013
ISBN (.pdf) 978-1-909550-61-2
ISBN (.epub) 978-1-909550-62-9
ISBN (.mobi) 978-1-909550-63-6
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