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‘Haidi, I had a strange dream that scared me. I saw that I was standing at the edge of a precipice, you were hugging me and kissing me. But at a point, I slipped and plunged into the chasm, tumbling down along with the rocks. You tried to get hold of me but you couldn’t. And I kept shouting ‘Haidi….’ but you couldn’t listen…Suddenly, I saw you next to me, sponging off my blood stains with a handkerchief that had the name Adolf Eichmann printed on it.
You kissed me and said: ‘Why Konstantis? I warned you that those guys bode ill in their minds’. And I was beseeching you, Haidi and kept telling you ‘if you ever find your way to Chryssa and come across Kosta, tell him that I am to blame’. What could I possibly have done to speak so? Then you kept asking the fellow villagers if they happened to know me, some grief-stricken women, who told you bad things about me, at my village. Haidi, they say blood means betrayal.
‘Is that what it is, Konstantis?’
‘The night is full of tricks. Tonight, we’ll sleep together, and see whether you’ll have nightmares or not. I’ll just go tell my parents so that they won’t worry’.

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Language Greek
Published in 2018
ISBN (.pdf) 978-1-912322-79-4
ISBN (.epub) 978-1-912322-80-0
ISBN (.mobi) 978-1-912322-81-7
ISBN Printed 978-1-912322-82-4
Number of Pages 450
Printed Book Size (cm) 14X21
Cover Paperback