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The butterfly... an archetypal symbol... its beauty and development left no folk untouched down the centuries... the symbol of the soul, of the incessant change, of evolution... a symbol that reminds us of the lessons gained from change itself... it is an exquisite creature associated with freedom and happiness, which however, to achieve such levels of beauty and freedom, had to struggle and toil hard for its inner and outer metamorphosis...
For Myrto, a woman who has lived her life on the edge, her choices had always been choices made by others... she was a ‘white butterfly’ who could never manage to fly out free and touch happiness as she had dreamt of it...
Alkis had marred her life, had scythed through her life like a vile gale, tearing to pieces whatever beautiful and genuine she carried in her soul, and soaked in pain and tears the years of her life, burying her in loneliness and isolation... did his death also mean the end of their destiny?
Have Manos and Tammy, soulmates of Myrto, paid enough for their devotion to her? Will true friendship and love be able to break Myrto’s shackles and lead her to liberation?
When does destiny redeem from passion? When does a cycle come to a close?
Firasad Alsumba, Sarah’s son... Mogen, the star of David... Alexander, the ‘black butterfly’...
One person, three identities... who was born in the eye of the maelstrom, held on to life amidst the desert storm, sought the truth to the edge of the world, unfolding the bundle of the sins of a past full of suffering that he himself never come to meet... how strong is he to fight against the monsters and bring his beloved persons into their inner metamorphosis? A butterfly that would open its wings 20 years afterwards...

This novel consists of two parts.

1st part - Λευκή Πεταλούδα and 2nd part - Μαύρη Πεταλούδα

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Language Greek
Published in 2016
ISBN (.pdf) 978-1-911352-61-7
ISBN (.epub) 978-1-911352-62-4
ISBN (.mobi) 978-1-911352-63-1
ISBN Printed 978-1-911352-64-8
Number of Pages 470
Printed Book Size (cm) 14x21
Cover Paperback
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