Language: Greek




She lived her life in white...
her choices were choices of others...
Myrto, the heroine, a woman that loved and was loved infinitely, which was dominated by the desire of an unfulfilled love that led to the fire, a love that was reborn from the ashes several times, as a hurricane that passed and left behind debris and pain...
Paris, Manos, Alkis... different men, men who loved her each one in his own way, with passion, by selfishness, by avenging fury, men that came through her life and each one of them stigmatized in their own way her very soul and indelibly marked her way...
Myrto, wife, lover, wife, mother, daughter, girlfriend, career woman... so many roles and she is lost inside her own desires and those imposed by others...
Ultimately free will determines our choices? Or fate and destiny decides about us, before us?

This novel consists of two parts.

1st part - Λευκή Πεταλούδα and 2nd part - Μαύρη Πεταλούδα

Book details
Language Greek
Published in 2016
ISBN (.pdf) 978-1-911352-30-3
ISBN (.epub) 978-1-911352-31-0
ISBN (.mobi) 978-1-911352-32-7
ISBN Printed 978-1-911352-33-4
Number of Pages 508
Printed Book Size (cm) 14x21
Cover Paperback