Μια Αληθινή Ιστορία
Language: Greek




In the difficult days that people live, they wonder several times why things such as illnesses, everyday problems and other events usually called "bad luck" happen. But according to the laws of the universe there is "action and reaction" and therefore, people cause problems, live far away from nature and the Creator and deny their dual physical and divine existence. Difficulties are messages of the times, so people need to change the way of dealing situations and to follow the flow of events, to embrace them with joy, to learn from their mistakes, to love themselves and eventually love other people. Zervos Eleftherios lives in illusions, juggling between past and the future. As he grows in his family and faces the social environment, his self-esteem is low and his life is dominated by sadness and depression. The early age of his life had marked him in this world, as he lived away from Greece. His great need for harmony within the family, tumbled due to the prevalence of adverse family status. As a result he developed strategies in order to respond to several crisis. Moreover he became a distant person and detached from reality. Thus he developed a whimsical world in which he learned to live and grow. Despite his negative attitude, during his life he achieved a one of his important objectives, such as to study in depth a science that is directly related to the environment and nature. It is clear now that an invisible guard angel always guided him to follow a safe path! Despite his achievements, disappointment and anxiety about the future, lead to depression. As a result his health deteriorates and then he decide to start the long and dreamlike journey, in the search of his destiny and his existence. Firstly he decides to move away from his family and live alone in a small house, where he seeks tranquility, like a little child who takes the first steps. He begins to regenerate his lost and true personality from scratch. The inspiration of the moment leads to artistic action. He begins to paint and create puzzles. Exceptional joy pervades him when he creates the one called the four Saints. These moments are unique, when he finally passes into action and stop fantasizing about what he would like to do. The days go by and the ever-growing involvement with meditation changes the balance and everything starts from the beginning. Optimism returns and his inner world, where feelings of peace and joy embellish his life, weak up and help him experience simple everyday things. The motto "I want and I try" becomes a springboard and he lives in the present and learns to flow with the energy of the universe! Through meditation, he feels the elements of nature and learns for the first time that it is worth living and he rejoices the gift of breathing. The joy of life is itself an incentive for us to try and thank God for the gift of the Incarnation. Especially we Greeks, who live in this wonderful country with a significant history that follows us as a collective unconscious. He reads about metaphysics and learns about the healing energy method called 'Reiki' and that is when the white light surrounds him and marks his way uphill to the spiritual life. Difficulties carve the character of Lefteris and nevertheless he shows perseverance, patience and great faith in the divine power to guide him through the humble way of intellectual integration and recognition of the real self. Through this "path" he developed great friendships and he acquired new talents are appeared such as poetry and painting. He insists on praying, he follows safe paths in his life, where he unfolds his love for art and expresses his feelings. Painting opens the creative energy channels and then, he starts telling his experiences and this is the most favorite pastime of him!!! Time passes and through reiki he is coordinated with the energy of the Angels. He realizes that he is not alone in this world, but unseen Heavenly element is present here on earth for immediate help and guidance to us!!! Through the sacraments, he learns to breathe and know himself better and better,  sometimes in a hard way. So he "meets the stove", which becomes the most precious commodity in its spiritual and material way! The "stove" is the heavenly help in this world and the dialogues with it strengthen Eleftherios who establishes his faith in God and his main Objectives begins to take shape. So his first Painting Exhibition becomes a success and his happiness is indescribable! In the storyline he meets Alexandra with whom he spends moments of sweet and sublime communication! But the most important of all is his spiritual evolution, through which he is trained to overcome daily obstacles. His evolution occurs mainly through experiencing several adventures in meditation. These define the recognition of his real self! Back to the present he finds him self driven by the celestial guardian, while having faced ''enemies'' from the deep and dark subconscious successfully. It would be actually very hopeful, if all we prayed for tomorrow hopping that it is filled with harmony, love and understanding of the message of life!

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Language Greek
Published in 2015
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