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The realm of the cities and modern civilization created by man also served to organize his functional needs and behaviours. Not only those pertaining to the setup of the family, the state and religious expression, but beyond these, those associated with the realm of leisure and nightlife, legal and illegal, where the law of night clubs and modern leisure centres reigns. It is where prostitution and hooliganism meet along with human depravity, human trafficking and a value market for the conscience and the true worth of the so-called higher status citizens of our society. It is the place where differences are not resolved by the signing of signatures but by machoism, nerve and fistfight. It is the other side of legality, the nights spawned by our own kind who lives them out embracing the people of the night who struggle for their wage, and the others, who for whatever reason have chosen to lead another side of life, hidden behind their illusions. This is an incisive look into the night world, where scrupulousness and profiteering behind illegal activity and exploitation of human dignity, is the rule. It is full of strong, realistic scenes, masterly presented in a read you will remember for long!

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Language Greek
Published in 2013
ISBN (.pdf) 978-1-909550-36-0
ISBN (.epub) 978-1-909550-37-7
ISBN (.mobi) 978-1-909550-38-4
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