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This poetry book presents the poetry collection of Menelaos Karagiozis entitled «Hellenic Poetry» and extracts
extracts from two wonderful books:
«Literary ambles», by Kostis Bastias Publishers, Kastaniotis, 1999, «George Sarantaris the Upcoming», by Olympia Karagiorga Publishers, 1995, as well as a poem by Menelaos Karagiozis in memory of Sarantaris entitled: «Shape».
A poem entitled «Primordial Snakes» inspired by William B. Yeats’ poem «A Crazed Girl»
A poem entitled «Heartbeats of the Vains» inspired by Odysseus Elytis’ poem «Clepsydras of the Unknown»
Two poems entitled «Wooden Body» and «Fiery Angels» inspired by George Seferis’ poems «The Return of the Exile» and «Les Anges Sont Blancs», respectively.
Extracts of the introduction of John Lehmann’s book «Demetrios Capetanakis, A Greek Poet in England», Publisher Lehmann, 1947.
Two poems entitled «Lazarus» and «I Pity You» inspired by Demetrios Capetanakis’ poems «Lazarus» and «Islands of Greece», respectively.
Two poems entitled «Defying» and «Such are the Days» inspired by Konstantinos Tsatsos’ poems «Harsh Island» and «Silence» respectively.
A poem entitled «Tragedy=Τράγω+ode…» inspired by Antonis Kritikos’ essay «Tragic from Τράγω»
Extracts of the introduction of Tsatsos’ book «The Poems of Konstantinos Tsatsos», Publisher Publications of Friends, 1973.
Biographical notes for Olympia Karagiorga and Yannis, K. Bastias.
Extracts from the chapter «Literacy Ambles of Bastias, 1930-1932» from the book of Yannis, K. Bastias, «Kostis Bastias, Journalism-Theatre-Literature», Publisher Kastaniotis, 2005.

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Published in 2018
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